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Johnson's 4Joints Extra Strength Tablets for Cats and Dogs

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Manufacturer: Johnsons



Johnson’s 4Joints Extra Strength Tablets for Cats and Dogs are easily digestible tablets, specially designed to ease the discomfort of stiffness within the joints, associated with age.

The combination of natural ingredients is essential in the maintenance of health joints. When taken regularly, these tablets promote the growth of cartilage cells helping with joint lubrication.

Now old age doesn’t have to be uncomfortable for your pet!

Pack contains 30 tablets.

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Carrie Holden

I've used the same brand but in the liquid form for years for my cats and swear by it as you can see the difference in elderly pets after a couple of months of using it. Not all my cats will take the liquid in their food, so I thought I'd give these a go. The tablet's are huge (the size of a dissolvable vitamin C tablet), but a cat has half the tablet crushed and sprinkled in food. I cover the tablet with a cat meaty yoghurt pet sachet fm supermarkets & they will eat it. I've noticed that one of my elderly cat's is not stretching out as much when she gets up from sleeping so I take that as a sign that her joints are not as stiff anymore. I'd recommend this or the same brand in liquid form, this brand does work

Canerra Keane

My two older 11 year old cats have been taking these tablets for months now and they havent had a stiff joint since they began taking these. before taking these they would stiffen up and struggle with walking every once in a while.