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Complederm 5 1 Liquid EFA Supplement 250ml Bottle - From £19.66
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Complederm 5 1 Liquid EFA Supplement 250ml Bottle

Complederm 5 1 Liquid EFA Supplement 250ml Bottle big image

Manufacturer: Virbac

Was: £21.84Save: 10%Now: £19.66


Complederm 5:1 is a palatable nutritional supplement for dogs and cats with a biologically balanced formulation of essential fatty acids, co-factors (minerals and vitamins), including zinc.

The GLA is derived from evening primrose oil and the EPA from cold marine fish oil.

The ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids is 5:1 and will help ensure adequate intake of essential fatty acids thus maintaining the skin and coat in a healthy condition.

Such supplementation has been shown to have beneficial effects in a variety of pruritic scaling skin disorders and allergic skin conditions in dogs and cats.

Ingredients: Linoleic acid 1824mg, gamma linolenic acid 38mg, eicosapentaenoic acid 224mg, docosahexaenoic acid 150mg, vitamin A 574 IU, vitamin E 19 IU, vitamin B6 0.5mg, boitin 9.44mcg, inositol 1.7mg , zinc 10.1mg, antioxidant 1.0mg

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Carrie Holden
December 2016

I bought this along with a hypoallergenic dry cat food for my 11 year old cat who appears to have developed sudden allergies to a few things including her food. The allergies make her constantly scratch her skin (she's treated for fleas, so it's not that!) causing her fur to fall out and her skin to become reddened & irritated, I hoped this would be a natural way of calming the skin from the inside out; but as with the dry food, she tolerated it for a few days and then refused to eat whatever food had this mixed with it-it's supposed to be palatable with the fish oil in it, but no, my cat refuses it, yet more waste of money!!

Debbie Mciver
September 2013

I was initially prescribed this product by my vet. However, VetUK being cheaper than the surgery, all further purchases are made from this site! When you take the lid off of the bottle, an empty cup attached to the top of the bottle is revealed. Being an oil, this cup is a very useful addition for serving purposes (once you get the hang of it!). By squeezing the bottle, it fills the cup and when you've got the dose you want, you simply turn the whole bottle upside down to drizzle the oil over the food. Whilst upside down, the remaining contents of the bottle stay inside - there's some kind of restrictor preventing any more oil than you initially squeezed out to run out of the bottle. It can get a bit messy when you first use it if you squeeze too hard, as the cup will overflow, but practice makes perfect! As for the oil itself, I don't know what makes it so tasty, but my dogs absolutely love it and don't mind cleaning up if I squeeze the bottle too hard. One of my dogs had very dry skin with what we would consider dandruff, but since using this oil, her skin has become more balanced, the dandruff has totally disappeared and she has a very obvious sheen to her black coat. For my other dog, he has some kind of undetermined skin sensitivity which every so often brings him out in a rash which prior to using this product, made him very itchy. He was scratching so much he made his skin red raw and had numerous scabs over his body. Now, although he still get's this sensitivity, the symptoms are greatly reduced and do not irritate him very much at all. He also now has a very silky, shiny coat. It took about a month before I noticed any dramatic changes in either dog, but by continuing to give this to both of them on a daily basis, even when their symptoms cleared up, it has, I feel, really helped and continues to do so.

Tracey Thorne
May 2012

This supplement was prescribed by our vet for our cat, who was excessively grooming herself due to stress and making her back and tummy bald and sore. She was a rescue cat and although has settled in nicely with us now, she still overgrooms from time to time and this stuff keeps her coat glossy and thick. Along with changing her diet, she has improved no end and is a lively and happy 11 year old moggie again! VetUK's price is approx. £10 cheaper than the first bottle we got from the vets and so has become a regular order along with her prescription diet biscuits. We would recommend this supplement, particularly for the more mature cat! It's quite oily, so we split the dose in half for a morning and evening feed, which she seems to tolerate better. It also has the advantage of stopping her from gobbling down her biscuits and overeating, so all in all, a great product!