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8 in 1 Brewers Yeast Tablets

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Manufacturer: 8 in 1



8 in 1 Brewers Yeast has been specially created to meet the nutritional needs of your dog's skin and coat.

Containing a unique combination of vitamins from the vitamin B complex, (zinc, proteins and brewers yeast), this product will ensure an internal supply of highly effective essential nutrients to the skin and coat.

If 8 in 1 Brewers Yeast tablets are fed regularly and appropriately, even dry coats will become visibly nourished and moulting caused by deficiencies will be reduced.

Suitable for all dog breeds.

Number of tablets: 260

Dosage per day per kg per dog:

1 tablet per 4kg of dog weight.

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Mark Middleton

Used this before very good and vet UK do it at the best price

Mrs D E Barrett

These are brilliant. We have a German shepherd and she had a lot of sore itchy skin. She was constantly scratching and nibbling she skin. We tried different creams none worked so we thought we would try these (My dad gave us yeast tablets for our acne as a teenagers and they cleared our skin up). The tub is nearly empty now and our shepherds skin is clear, no itching, her coat is shiny and grown back from where she had been nibbling her skin. Just ordered some more and will probably keep her on them. She takes 8 a day straight from the tub and looks forward to having them every morning. She thinks they're a treat! Give them a try, what have you got to lose at less than a fiver!

Jadis Harrot

Cheap and easy for my dog to eat when mixed in with food. Was pleased at how many you get for the price. Would recommend.