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Johnson's Calm-Eze Tablets for Cats and Dogs (36 Tablets)

Johnson's Calm-Eze Tablets for Cats and Dogs (36 Tablets) big image

Manufacturer: Johnsons



Johnson's Calm-Eze Tablets for Cats and Dogs offer a brilliant solution to calming nervous or hyperactive pets. The natural supplements and amino-acids help to put your pet at ease.

During times of heightened anxiety such as travelling and during fireworks, these tablets can prove particularly helpful. They are also effective in hindering aggressive, territorial behaviour.

As with any medicated product, it is important you familiarise yourself with any additional information provided by the manufacturer before administrating.

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Laura Wylie
October 2021

Our cats are extremely nervous and fussy, they both ate the tablets like they were treats and within 3 days their behaviour was markedly improved, napping on the carpet (normally needing to be up high) not bickering with each other, and after a week of being on them they were reacting better to loud noises and the doorbell, they even sat on our laps for cuddles and a sleep (previously unheard of!!) For such little cost these tablets seem to transform our cats and when they’re happy we’re happy. A must for firework season.