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Adaptil Transport Spray (Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP Spray)

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Manufacturer: Ceva



Adaptil Spray (Dog Appeasing Pheromone DAP Spray) is a pheromonatherapy for dogs; relieving pet stress.

DAP Spray is the natural solution to stress related travel problems in dogs.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone (D.A.P.) 10% spray can be used inside and outside making it suitable for spraying onto bedding, cars, travel cages and of course in the home.

In car use to combat fear of travelling and travel sickness, indoors for settling in a new home, with new owners, staying in kennels or grief at the loss of a companion.

60ml bottle.

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Susan Driver

After being a little sceptical about this product. I’m happy to say it’s been very effective in relieving my dogs anxiety in the car. As my dog, Isla is relatively new to the home Adaptil has also been effective in settling her, especially in the evening. I can highly recommend this product

Jill Thoroughgood

very impressed. a couple of sprays on megan's bed and i've got a happy staffy chillaxing in the evening instead of a unhappy one staring at the window wondering if the fireworks are going start. vetuk as usual has the best price.

Christine Belton

Very pleased with Adaptil. Sprayed the boot of my car and 15 minutes later took my 3 bouncy dogs out. Within minutes they had calmed right down. No vomiting from the one that suffers from travel sickness, very little noise from the one that usually whines constantly and my German Shepherd fell asleep! Have a 6 hour journey to do with them soon and we're so pleased we tried this spray.

Fran Hill

Bizarrely I have found Adaptil spray to work where I found the Adaptil diffuser to be ineffective. We have found it helpful for settling our convalescing dog, but it doesn't help when she's very stressed. We use this in conjunction with a Thundershirt and Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian for our Whippet's separation anxiety when left on his own without our other dog. These 3 things together do work - we record him when we go out and he doesn't bark, whine or chew anything he shouldn't. He's fine being left with our other dog, but on the few occasions we need to leave him on his own, the adaptil spray means we don't have to have a diffuser on all the time, which works out much cheaper.

Nichola Mcpherson

Was recommended Adaptil from my puppy trainer. This Adaptil spray combined with Dorwest Herbs Scullcap and Valerian Tabs have revolutionised car travel for my pup, he no longer drools or throws up on journeys.