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Good Girl Meowee Laser Mouse

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Manufacturer: Armitage Pet Care


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Good Girl Meowee Laser Mouse is an exciting toy, designed especially to engage with your cats natural hunting instincts.

When triggered, the compact laser pen projects the outline of a mouse for your playful cat to sneak up and pounce on.

Your cat can enjoy hours of fun chasing the laser beam, much to your own entertainment.

This interactive toy provides cats with mental and physical stimulation as well as encouraging them to be more active.

Laser pen measures approx. 7cm x 1cm

Supplied With 3 x LR44 Batteries

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Lesley Oconnor

This product is impossible to open. Very poor quality. Quite annoyed as was looking forward to playing with cat

Saajeda Bandali

My cat loves it. It is the only toy he plays with!

J H Barclay

Just adding my voice to the recent complaints about poor quality. The thread where the cap joins the body is virtually non-existent, so I was not able to screw the two parts back together after putting the batteries in it. As a result, I was not able to use it at all! At least it was cheap, so I am not out much money, but I hate putting something like this straight into landfill. My cats loved their previous laser chase toy until it broke; I will buy another replacement, but I cannot recommend this one due to very poor quality.

Lorraine Sneddon

Not very good quality. Doesn't work at all, since a piece seems to be missing. Even at the low price should have expected to at least been able to use it once.

Elizabeth Gillum

Our cat really liked this when we started to play with him. He had a great time chasing the red light and it did him a lot of good, as he was a "new" cat from a rescue kennels and was very shy. However, within a couple of days, the end had burst off the battery compartment and it will not screw back on. We didn't treat it roughly and the cat wasn't allowed to play with it himself - only to chase the light. Disappointed by the poor quality of this toy, even if it wasn't expensive.

Naomi Youngberg

Our cats and dog love this toy, they never tire of chasing it. It's fantastic value and we've not yet managed to wear the batteries out.