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Catrine Catmosphere Dispenser Ball

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Manufacturer: Kruuse

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Catrine Catmosphere Dispenser Ball is a unique food and treat dispenser which will stimulate your cats curiosity.

The weight inside the dispenser ball creates an unpredictable roll which cats love to chase, especially when they are rewarded with a tasty treat.

This game requires minimum involvement from the owner and the treats will last for hours of play.

Always ensure play is supervised

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Martina Ward

This has proved a wonderful toy. My cats have very quickly learnt how to manipulate it to get the treats out. I bought 1 to try among my 9 cats: some will share but others guard it jealously so I'm having to buy a couple more. It is great watching them work for their treats, easy to use. I would highly recommend this to any cat owner: it is lightweight so even small cats can use it. It is the equivalent of the Kong for dogs, a great product