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Interactive Cat Toys from £2.33
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Standard UK Delivery from £2.99

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Interactive Cat Toys

Interactive Cat Toys are the perfect way to strengthen the bond between owner and cat, while stimulating them both mentally and physically. With such a wide range of fun and exciting designs to choose from, you'll be sure to find a toy that your cat will love!

Also suitable for solo play on the most part, our range of Interactive Cat Toys includes Treat Dispensers, Sensory Toys, Electronic Teasers and Tunnels that can be used for stalking and hiding.

Catrine Catmosphere Dispenser Ball

Catrine Catmosphere Dispenser Ball

From:£11.92 to… £12.74

Catrine Catmosphere Dispenser Ball is a unique food and treat dispenser which will stimulate your cats curiosity. The weight inside the dispenser ball creates an unpredictable roll which...[More info]

From:£11.92 to… £12.74
Starmark Durafoam Bacon Scented Ball

Starmark Durafoam Bacon Scented Ball

From:£2.33 to… £4.09 Save up to 10%

The Starmark Durafoam Bacon Scented Ball is a durable and enticing toy, ideal for dogs who enjoy active play and engaging their senses. Designed to allow it to fly far, bounce and even...[More info]

From:£2.33 to… £4.09