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Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit - From £23.50
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Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit

Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit big image
Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit thumbnail Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit thumbnail Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit thumbnail Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit thumbnail Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit thumbnail Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit thumbnail

Manufacturer: Ceva



Feliway Classic Diffuser 30 Day Starter Kit.

Feliway is a feline facial pheromone, which mimics the cat's natural pheromones, creating a state of well-being and calmness relieving pet stress.

The Feliway Classic Diffuser slowly releases the pheromones into the air and creates a reassuring environment calming your cat and stopping such problems as scratching, excessive grooming, urine spraying, restoring your cats health and happiness.

Essential for a happy multi-cat household, one Feliway Diffuser will cover an area up to 70 square metres. More than one diffuser may be required for larger size homes.

To stop urine marking / spraying, combine the Feliway Diffuser with a Feliway 10% spray.

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Saajeda Bandali
November 2015

I have not used it yet but bought it because of the great reviews. Hopefully it will work with my cat!

Sarah Wright
August 2012

I've got 2 cats and the male one has always scratched at furniture and more recently has started to wee in 1 particular corner of a room whilst I am out at work. Bought the Feliway diffuser and spray and they have definitely made a difference. Hardly scratches at all now and the weeing has also reduced. I will definitely continue to use these Feliway products, its worth it if saves my carpet and furniture and the price is less than other places. Both cats are so much calmer and they also don't hide anymore when my 2 year old niece comes round!Would definitely recommend.

Beverley Lee
July 2012

Within a day of plugging in the Feliway diffuser, my 'upstairs' cat was braving the rest of the house, including creeping past our sleeping wolfhound. She is now beginning to go outside for a while during the day and we are only on our second diffuser refill. We hope to wean her off the diffuser soon but would be quite happy to continue with it if the improvement reverses once we stop using it as we feel it is a small price to pay to have a happy cat.

Lauren Sutton
June 2012

Feliway is a great product and works perfectly. Me and my cat live in the middle east and he was rescued from the streets as a tiny kitten. Since then he has grown into a beautiful cat and is actually a british short hair by breed. I have moved house with him to somewhere which has another 2 cats - i can say with ease that none of them got on well to start with! Since using the feliway plug in he instantly calmed, slept and stopped the constant howling at the door like he did when we first arrived. I can tell as soon as the Feliway is running out as he starts to become a bit naughty, but plug in another diffuser and hes back to his normal self. I swear by Feliway and will continue to use it.

Jen Kenny
May 2012

One of my cats became highly stressed last year due to changes in the neighbourhood. He developed cystitis, he overgroomed and excessively scratched at himself resulting in skin infections. He also started spraying in the house. We had many trips to the vets to treat the symptoms but I had to do something to prevent this from recurring as he is highly strung anyway. Feliway is one of the products which my vet recommended but I didn't buy it from them as it was so expensive. Having used VetUK many times I knew I'd find Feliway at a much better price. My cat is now healthy, has ceased his stressed behaviour and is much calmer. Many thanks!

Sophia Howard
November 2011

The Feliway diffuser was recommended to me by our vet after my grandmother took in a stray cat a year ago. The cat began to urinate on my grandmother and various other places around the house. Since plugging in the Feliway diffuser all urinating has stopped, much to our relief. It has also improved the temperament of my grandmother's other cats. Excellent product.