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Feliway Classic Refill Economy 3 Pack

Feliway Classic Refill Economy 3 Pack big image

Manufacturer: Ceva

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The Feliway Classic Refill Economy Pack contains 3 refills for the Feliway Classic Plug-In Diffuser.

Feliway Classic is a synthetic form of a feline facial pheromone that helps to calm and soothe cats during stressful or anxious times, and put a stop to unwanted behaviour.

Used in the home monthly, Feliway helps convey a message of safety and well-being, and helps create calmness and reduce pet stress.

Signs of Stress and/or Anxiety:

  • Scratching
  • Urine Spraying
  • Fear (Hiding)
  • Travel Anxiety
  • Visits to the Vets
  • New Home/Environment

Each refill will last approximately 4 weeks (30 days)

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