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Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heated Pet Pad - From £28.36
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Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heated Pet Pad

Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heated Pet Pad big image

Manufacturer: Pet Remedy



The Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heated Pet Pad is ideal for cats, small dogs and small pets to minimise post-operative hypothermia, or just to keep them warm in hospital.

They are much cheaper than an incubator and less hassle than hot water bottles.

The underblankets run on a low voltage so they can be left on constantly and are very safe to use.

The surface of these heat pads is easily wiped clean and they can be rolled up when not in use.

38cm x 42cm (15" x 16.5")

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Ian Boyd-livingston
October 2019

A vote in favour for keeping a rabbit cozy. Our indoor, solo Netherland Dwarf, Boz, finds this heat pad to be just the ticket for curling up and stretching out on. It sits under his house and is working 24/7. His gut health seems much improved by the steady warmth from the pad and, though it can be tricky to guess how a bunny feels about anything, I know I never look that relaxed!

John Vaughan
October 2018

I wouldn't recommend this for small animals. I put this underneath my partner's bunny who was diagnosed with E.C positive and she wanted to improve his health a little by giving him some heat. There is no dial to turn the temperature up or down, it is just one heat temperature which can be fatal to small animals if they are left alone with it. We didn't know that you are not supposed to leave them on it for a few hours, when the poor sod was hyperventilating and had to be rushed to the vets. This was underneath a few thin puppy pads so the bunny wasn't sat directly on the heat pad. I wouldn't recommend this, sorry.