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VetUK Kidney Supplement Powder 60g - From £7.99
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VetUK Kidney Supplement Powder 60g

VetUK Kidney Supplement Powder 60g big image

Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK Kidney Supplement Powder is a complementary pet food for cats and dogs, and is a combination of Calcium Carbonate, Lactose  and Chitosan Powder which prevents the absorption of phosphates from the intestines in cases of chronic renal insufficiency.

VetUK Kidney Nutriment Powder is a white coloured powder with no strong taste and should be mixed with food at meal times.

Feeding Instructions:
1g per 5kg body weight twice daily, mixed with food, for up to 6 months initially. 1g equates to half a level teaspoon.

Lactose, Calcium Carbonate, Chitosan Powder

Analysis per 100g:
Carbohydrate: 81.18g, Protein: 3.92g, Ash: 11.8g, Moisture: 3.0g, Fat: 0.1g

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Helen Davies
February 2023

This contains lactose (milk sugar). I thought most cats are lactose intolerant? My cat is eating this powder in his food but because of the lactose, I'm worried about giving him the recommended half a level spoonful of it, especially not all at once. He vomits if he laps up milk.

Lorna Fitzgerald-cowle
March 2021

This seems to be controlling my cat's kidney disease, however, the supplements now comes in powder form rather than the fine granules and is harder to measure accurately.

Agnes Allan
January 2021

Excellent saved my 12 yr old cat, trying different foodsthough not easy.

Sandra Austin
July 2020

Jar too Tall and Narrow - Otherwise Great, which is why I reduced to 4 stars... The product is fine, but getting it out of the jar without spilling it is a real challenge because a normal teaspoon is too wide to fit inside the neck of the jar. I use a half-teaspoon, which is fine until I get down to the bottom half of the jar... because the half-teaspoon is too short to reach. I would suggest you make the jar shorter and wider so that you can fit a teaspoon inside [and reach the bottom].

Linda Johnston
December 2016

Excellent product and a much better price than it's competition. Thank you

John Rood
September 2016

Good value alternative to branded product - received very quickly