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Catsan Hygiene Litter for Cats - From £8.54
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Catsan Hygiene Litter for Cats

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Manufacturer: Mars

From: £8.54
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Catsan Hygiene Cat Litter White has been manufactured for the hygiene and comfort of your cat.

Catsan is ultra absorbent as each granule of Catsan cat litter has thousands of micropores which act like a sponge and absorb liquids before odours can develop.

Catsan is highly effective in preventing the growth of bacteria due to the unique mineral granules used in the cat litter.

Catsan is sieved to prevent the granules sticking to your cats paws and this also reduces dust levels when changing the litter.

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Kay Turner
April 2020

No disrespect to you Daniel or Rachel but this is one of the best litters out there. I have had a cat for years and my cat will only use this, the others Dont absorb the urine. The only thing I can thing I can think of with you is you are either not using enough or not changing it enough or not as much as recommended. If you have a scoop you can get most of the waste out. It really is good.

Kara Walmsley
March 2015

Excellent cat litter. Doesn't clump together, which makes it easier to clean litter trays.

Siri Delia
June 2012

Does not track, deodorizes well, and soaks up urine very well. The cat likes it too. Thumbs up from both of us!

Rachel Johnson
May 2012

It doesn't go like concrete or have any dust like many other products iv tried but its not great at absorbing the urine but its a good product if you use the litter liners with it.

Gaby Nahmias
May 2012

I have been using this cat litter for the last 14 years. I like the fact that feces become hard and dry very soon after contact with the actual litter and deodorised when dry. I am most surprised about the other client's comment, may be it smells if left for a long time with too much urine. As I have two cats, I have the habit of changing the litter every day. Once the litter is dirty, one of my cats defecates next to the litter instead of defecating in the tray. So I have no option.

Daniel Steptoe
March 2009

Worst cat litter I have ever purchased. Leaves a really strong smell and doesn't absorb everything