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Specific Kidney Support Feline FKD Cat Dry

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Manufacturer: Dechra

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Specific Kidney Support Feline FKD Cat Dry Food is the ideal diet for all stages of chronic renal failure having been formulated to:

  • Slow down the progression of renal failure via a restricted phosphorus content, which prevents increased levels of phosphorus in the blood. Blood levels of phosphorus which are too high would cause further damage to the kidneys.
  • Decreased kidney workload via a restricted protein level means that less waste is generated which needs to be excreted by the kidney. Lower levels of waste in the blood also reduce the pet's feeling of nausea and vomiting, which can often be prevented.
  • Whilst ensuring that your pet receives enough essential amino acids through the use of proteins of high quality.

Ingredients: • Meat and animal derivatives • Oils and fats • Fish and fish derivatives • Cereals • Egg and egg derivatives • Powdered cellulose • Minerals • Plantago psyllium husk •

Reviews Overall rating: (3 of 5)

Lesley Stone

When my cat Oliver was diagnosed with acute renal failure at 7 years old he was recommended a renal diet I tried everything but he wouldn't eat any of them. This one he eats alternating the dry biscuits and moist

Deborah Goodes

Unfortunately this product made my cat vomit and I had to discontinue it.