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Prazitel Plus Tablets for Cats

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Manufacturer: Chanelle Group



Prazitel Plus Tablets for Cats are for the treatment of cats with mixed infections of nematodes and cestodes, including Ascarids, Hookworms, Whipworms and Tapeworms.

Each tablet is flavoured for palatability and contains 20mg Praziquantel and 230g Pyrantel embonate).

Use 1 tablet per 4kg of bodyweight. The tablet can be given directly to your cat or mixed in with their food.

For oral administration only.

Please note that tablets are sold individually.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

Miss Suzanne Davey

Excellent product. Suitable for bulk buying for a multiple cat family.

Petra Davies

I have had no problems with worms since using this on my 2 cats.

Dave Hooper

This is a great wormer for our cats and we dont see any signs of infestation.The price is good and the delivery is usually quick.

Sandra Simpson

works great, mashed it up with a piece of chicken in stead of trying to give it whole ,happy ,healthy cat and scratch free mum