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Metacam for Dogs Oral Suspension

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Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim

Prescription Only
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Metacam for Dogs oral suspension for dogs contains 1.5 mg meloxicam and 1.5 mg sodium benzoate per ml.

Metacam for dog is a pleasantly flavoured liquid and can be added to food where most dogs take it quite happily. A special syringe is provided to help measure out the correct dose.

Metacam for dogs is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory or 'NSAID' drug and is prescribed to reduce pain and inflammation, most commonly to treat arthritis, injuries or painful tumours.

Metacam for dogs is a very safe drug as long it is used with care in dogs for the alleviation of inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders.

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Pom-V | Metacam for Dogs

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Brian Goode

5 seems to keep my dogs arthritis at bay without any side affects

Cay Mayor

This is so much cheaper to buy online than from your vet. I have a rabbit who has been on metacam long term. If you can get your vet to give you a prescription for the biggest bottle it's really good because you save loads. Also the little bottles run out really quickly and it's hard to tell how much is left.

Jacqueline Hunter

Even taking in to account the prescription fee and vet consultation fee required, this is far cheaper purchasing through VetUk. Very simple process too.

John Lloyd

Product is easy to administer using syringe - dog is 18 years old and has improved mobility in legs. Less stiffness & no side effects.

Lesley Bache

Excellent product for my dog's condition in conjunction with other painkillers

Jenny Callaghan

A daily dose helps my dog with her painful neck. A couple of months ago I was concerned that if the pain couldn't be managed that would be it for her as she's too old for surgery. But for the time being, she's fine with her pain well controlled. Easy to order and quick, reliable delivery.

Steve Welsh

My 10 year old golden retriever suffered so badly from arthritis he struggled to get to his feet. We tried numerous remedies from the vet that didn't ease his pain at all until finally we tried glucosamine injections (every 6 months) and Metacam on a daily basis. It has worked wonders and he now skips around like a puppy. Can't recommend enough - but also ask your vet about the injections.

Thelma Galyer

our border collie Max is 14 years old, bless him and still going strong.Has metcam once a day, no problem in him taking it just putting it on his food, also along with other medication....through VetUk exactly same as Vets , thank you VetUk

Wendy Biggin

My 7yr old Doberman is like a puppy now after starting metacam this year cost £275.00 at vets in march to be told nothing could be done for her hip , Sold me a prescription for metacam and she,s great .

Catherine Hawkins

My 10 year old yorkie has syringomylia the terrible disease that cavaliers are more prone to and Metacam has given her a new lease of life, she runs around like a 2 year old.