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CET Veterinary Toothpaste for Cats and Dogs

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Manufacturer: Virbac

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Cat Toothpaste (Fish)


Dog Toothpaste (Poultry)



CET Veterinary Toothpaste for Cats and Dogs is highly palatable and based on the patented C.E.T Dual-Enzyme System which enhances the natural defence mechanism of the mouth.

Active ingredients include potassium thiocyanate and the enzymes glucose oxidise and lactoperoxidase.

No rinsing required.

Directions for use: Brush your pet's teeth every day with Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste using the soft bristled Virbac dog toothbrush appropriate to the size of your pet. Follow the advice and specific directions of your veterinary surgeon.

Dog toothpaste is poultry flavoured and in a 70g tube whilst the cat is fish flavoured and in a 43g tube.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.6 of 5)

Shamim Byrne

Went back to this product after trying their own barnd with a pump action dispenser, not very easy to get out.Have used this before for the dog, so know she likes it!

Tracey Pares

Great toothpaste. I use this on all my cats, they love the flavour and will lick it straight from the tube. My vet recommends and sells this brand, but it is much cheaper to buy it from Vet UK instead, which means I can afford to buy more tubes and do them more often, I usually clean their teeth 3 times a week, they each have their own Virbac toothbrush and they all have nice clean teeth, breath and healthy gums.


This is Agnes's favourite toothpaste. She is a 13 year old long haired cat who had serious dental caries necessitating teeth being removed some years ago. She's had her toothpaste before her tea ever since and at her last check up, Martha the vet said her teeth were excellent with no sign of disease. One and all delighted!

Mari Preston

My SBT will have her teeth cleaned,however with other pastes she is not too happy,She must really love the taste of this paste as she really loves having her teeth cleaned with this product & it works well! I have actually ordered whilst in Spain for the winter as the cost of the product plus postage is excellent value & saves me the hastle of finding this in Spain.Next year I will bring enough with me - from VetUK of course!

Kelly Woolston

I've been using this toothpaste for both of my dogs since they were 8 weeks old, they love having their teeth brushed every night, lots of waggy tails when they are told it's teeth cleaning time! During both of my dogs yearly check-up the vets have always commented on what great condition their teeth are in. My Basset Hound is now 7yrs and at his recent check up the vet asked if I cleaned his teeth, as they were so good. She then went on to say how she could not tell he was a 7yr old dog just by looking at his teeth, but a much younger one! This just confirmed that it's well worth the effort and I would never change the brand of toothpaste for this reason.

Benjamin Bywaters

can you use the fish flavour for dogs my dog really likes fish?

Samantha Moyle

Great toothpaste. Have been using it for well over a year now on our Persian cats.Easy to use and cats like the taste better then some of the other toothpastes out there.We have nice clean teeth the vets always comment on.

Michelle Hendrix

My dog loves the taste of this, and I can definitely tell an improvement in her breath. I had used a different brand of toothpaste before, and she hated it and would fight having her teeth brushed. The change in toothpaste led to her becoming first tolerant and finally accepting of the process. I've never changed brands since because this one works.

Nicki Hughes

The dogs like the flavour of this toothpaste which helps teach them to tolerate brushing.

Vicki Goodwin

I have been using this toothpaste once daily on my Cairn Terrier for many years & she loves the taste & has never suffered with bad breath, which can be quite common in older dogs. She is now 14 years old and at a recent check up, the vet commented that her teeth are amazing for her age.