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Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Kitten Food Pouches (Favourite Selection)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Science Plan Healthy Development Kitten Food Pouches (Favourite Selection) is food for growing kittens and pregnant or nursing cats. Tender chunks of meat in a tasty sauce: healthy and delicious in a practical fresh pouch.

Aside from the juicy meat chunks in an exquisite sauce, with every pouch of Hill's Kitten your cat receives a well-balanced diet with exactly the right combination of vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy life.

Hills Immune Support Formula (ISF)is a unique combination of antioxidants and vitamins to support and strengthen the immune system. High Vitamin E and C Content: protects from cell damage and premature ageing for a long and healthy feline life. Natural DHA in Hill´s Feline Kitten: an important nutrient from mother's milk that promotes better learning and development in kittens and young cats. Low in Calories and salt.

Available in the following flavours: 
       Favourite Selection: 6x85g Chicken & Ocean Fish 6x85g


Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Simone Sekers

My 7 month old pair of Tonkinese kittens like this best of all, the chicken variety is top favourite. I agree it is good value. They certainly seem to thrive on it.

Phyllis Wylie

My Abyssinian cats love this - the only better thing is chicken breast! I like it because its easy to store, doesn't need chopping up and is clean to put into the bowls. They also like the Ocean fish although I only give them this now and again and never more than a quarter of their daily. I also think the 15 pouches are very good value for money.