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VetUK Joint Supplement 60 Tablets

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Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK Joint Supplement Tablets are a complementary supplement for dogs and cats to support their normal joint function and mobility.

Reduction in normal joint movement, pain and discomfort are common problems in many dogs, especially older dogs where loss of smooth cartilage in a synovial joint stops protecting the end of their bones.

VetUK Joint Supplement can be given directly by mouth or mixed in with their normal food, and should be used as part of a regular exercise management regime.

Feeding Instructions:

WeightInitial Dose (first 4-6 weeks)Maintenance Dose
<10kg 1 tablet per day 0.5 tablets per day
10-20kg 2 tablets per day 1 tablet per day
20-40kg 3 tablets per day 1.5 tablets per day
>40kg 4 tablets per day 2 tablets per day

Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin Sulphate, Brewers' Yeast, Maltodextrin, Dicalcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate.

Microcrystalline Cellulose, Beef Flavouring (Dextrose), Turmeric, Ascorbic Acid (Hydroxyproyl Methlycellulose), Silicon Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Manganese Sulphate.

Active Ingredients per Tablet (2.2g):
Glucosamine 500mg, Chondroitin Sulphate 380mg, Turmeric 50mg, Vitamin C 25mg, Zinc 15mg, Manganese 2.5mg.

60 tablets per pot.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.7 of 5)

Alison Sloan

Tried this as our lurcher had a problem with a back leg. She was limping and stiff after resting. We gave her the initial dose as recommended and it made a real difference. She is now on a maintenance dose. Only one problem - she doesn't like the taste! Definitely recommend.

Eveline Felipes

I buy these for my OES and lab and also for an old boy in the village who has a mix breed the tablets certainly make a difference!

Jacqueline Hunter

I have tried many joint aids on my spaniel, this by far gave the best results. I don't need to look for any alternatives, excellent results at very reasonable price.

Neil Ramsden

I have a 10yr old boxer who has arthritis in both her back legs. Before giving her these supplement tablets she could only manage very short walks at a steady pace. Now we are back to her normal walk with her being a lot more active and taking more interest in her surroundings. I would definitely recommend this product as it has given my dog a new lease of life.

Judith Thompson

Our Border terrier has broken both back legs and used to get very stiff after exercise.She has been taking the joint nutriment for almost a year now and has shown a great improvement in her general fitness.

Lynda Jones

Bought these for my old border collie, she's 13 and I was beginning to think she was coming to the end of the road. Whar a change in a dog, she looks forward to her walks again, no stiffness in her hips. She used to drag her back paws when she walked , you could hear her nails dragging on hard surfaces. I am so pleased and relieved that she is still active and enjoying life again thanks to this supplement. Would recommend it every day of the week, thank you so much Vetuk.

Susanne Mason

Excellent product, helps our 2 ageing labs (15 and 11 years) to stay in good shape and mobile.

Georgina Cowburn

Decently priced joint supplements. These are big tablets but can be easily broken up into smaller chunks for smaller animals. They must be tasty as my elderly cat finds them preferable to others and crunches them up like treats. The younger ones seem very interested in getting their paws on some too.

Tom Rowlands

My 2 Weimaraners are now 9 1/2 and 12 1/2. I was recommended by the vet to put the younger one on Invigorate so I decided to put them both on as well as giving the older one the Joint nutriment. It has really worked with him. Whereas before he struggled to get out of his bed and would lag behind me on walks he is now moving far more easily and even walks ahead of me. Also whereas before he plodded along he is now jogging along 'on his toes'. Definetely recommended especially the Invigorate but they seem to compliment each other well

Gillian Archer

Our 8 year old crossbreed has osteoarthritis and was prescribed Metacam and Cosequin tablets daily. He got fed up with the Cosequin and we were told not to worry about giving him those. 5 weeks ago he started limping again and I was checking online to see if I could get the Cosequin any cheaper than the vet had charged - just over £60 per bottle. The VetUK site recommended their own brand joint supplement tablets as an alternative and as the main ingredients are identical I ordered those. His limping has stopped and he is very happy to wolf down the initial 3 tablets a day. In another 2 weeks he'll reduce to 1.5 tablets a day as a maintenance dose. Very happy with this product, my dog is happy to eat them straight out of my hand (they are quite big so wouldn't fancy trying to crush them) and I was delighted with the order updates and customer service from VetUK. 5* all round - thank you!