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Hills Prescription Diet AD Adult Cat & Dog Food Tins (24 x 156g)

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Manufacturer: Hills Pet Food



Hills Prescription Diet AD Adult Cat & Dog Food Tins (24 x 156g).

Hills AD diet has been formulated for the nutritional management of pets recovering from serious illness, accidents and surgery.

Both dogs and cats can undergo significant changes when faced with a serious illness, injury or surgery. They may have trouble maintaining natural defences and sparing lean body mass (in other words, they may be losing body weight from muscle or organ tissue), which can affect recovery.

Hills AD diet has been specifically formulated by veterinarians to be fed to dogs or cats with certain debilitating conditions. These conditions can be affected by the lack of key nutrients and digestible energy.

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Susan Saunders

Great food for ill cats or dogs. My Kitty has cancer and this food is the only cat food she can manage to eat and she loves it!! She has been steadily losing weight for 2 months, now into the 3rd month she has actually put some weight back on!! She has also has a lot more energy energy since going on to this food. :)

Carol Hebden

I find Hills A/D very useful for kittens who don't want to wean. It can be mixed with a little water for them to lap, and then gradually reduce the amount of water until they are eating it normally. Once eating normally, add a little of their 'normal' kitten food, and gradually increase the kitten food and reduce the A/D