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Indorex Flea Spray 500ml Can

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Manufacturer: Virbac



Indorex is a veterinary flea spray, licensed to kill not only fleas but also house dust mites. Keep your home flea free for a full 12 months.

Indorex kills adult fleas and dust mites whilst also preventing development of eggs and larvae. The only veterinary flea control spray, proven to be stable in UV light (sunlight).

Eliminating house dust mites not only helps human allergy sufferers but may well also help your dog. Eliminating the house dust mite may alleviate allergic skin disease in your pet and reduce the need for drugs.

Indorex is odourless and rarely stains household surfaces. Coverage: One can is sufficient to cover 79 square metres - the equivalent of an average 3 bedroom semi.

Active Ingredients: Permethrin (rapidly kills adult fleas), Pyripoxyfen (controls growth of eggs and larvae from fleas and house dust mites), piperonyl butoxide (reinforces the action of permethrin).

Please note: This product is not to be applied directly to your pet.

Reviews Overall rating: (4.8 of 5)

John Rood

Delivered very quickly. The spray was very effective and seemed to clear up our infestation rapidly. No sign of recurrence some months later

Anthony Stone

Tried the spray for the first time this morning - seems to be effective as dabbing cellotape on the carpet in the usual places is only getting dead fleas and i think eggs

Helen Cleaver

This product worked and eliminated the flea problem but I did have a problem with the tin I received as it squirted liquid

Ian Moore

This product is so effective and lasts upto 12 months after use

Miss Suzanne Davey

Used this for years in the house. With treating the cats with an animal based product and using this in the house and car I have never seen any fleas. 5 star product.

Gareth Swallow

Great Product - Does what it says on the tin. Great service from VetUK. I had to contact VETUK as I had to have this before the weekend. Arrived the very next day! Thanks Stephanie for all your help!

Dorota Karasek

Really great stuff that saved us from being eaten alive by the darn fleas! Our cat has brought ‘friends’ with her from outdoors and got a dose of Effipro at the local vets which has helped her, but then we, humans at the household, have become the primary flea food! Like many other people we have tried a number of things to get rid of these insects from our home (including stuff like B Martin, obsessive cleaning etc.) and we now wish we saved ourselves time, effort and most of all pain! (we were bitten so viciously that even antihistamine tablets and bite-relief gels/sprays would not help, we’ve been scratching through sleep and have scars left!). With the Indorex it was a case of 2 hours and they were all gone!!! We haven’t seen one since then nor had another bite. The only thing is, we do have 3 bedrooms and used up two 500ml bottles, which still did not cover every room. I don’t know, maybe we have overdone it here and there (everyone who experienced really bad flea invasion understands how eager you are to get rid of the problem and how thorough you are with spraying) and did not appreciate the strength of this spray. Our bedroom was so badly infested we just abandoned it at some point and slept in the attic for a period of time (!) So it is possible that a smaller amount would suffice but we are very happy anyway. With the really affordable prices on the VET UK (especially compared with what we were offered at the vets!) it definitely feels like we did not overpay for the peace we now have. Thank you so much to all people who posted their feedbacks and recommendations! That’s how we found salvation here  PS. Just as a ‘funny’ anecdote- we have found a dead mosquito-like insect in the cap of the spray. The cap was removed just after purchase and left it on the kitchen table overnight, we never sprayed on it or anything- so this tells you how nasty this stuff is for the insects!

Dave Otter

Great item works well ,delivered on time and a very price

Helen Perry

Works very well, always buy this when my previous can runs out :)

Mandy Pratt

Just brilliant flea spray .just moved into house infested in cat fleas .tried other treatments to get rid of daughter told me about ukvets .deflea whole house .and molly my was covered in catfleas tried so many treatments before I use flea treatment from.vetuk brilliant prices too.very happy customer