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Flea Killer Trap Electric Effective and Safe

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Manufacturer: Zero In

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New electronic, poison-free Flea Killer mimics warm-blooded hosts to attract fleas from carpet and bedding over a 10 metre radius and fleas are trapped on a special adhesive disk.

This item helps breaks the cycle of the flea laying eggs in the carpet and breeding, as when the eggs hatch, they will find the trap before they can lay more eggs.

Place in a carpeted room for up to a week before moving to another room, or for quicker results use 2 traps to cover more rooms.

Contains one Flea Killer with fitted plug and three adhesive discs.

Reviews Overall rating: (3.8 of 5)

Alistair Macdonald

The flea trap killer is a great product for your home especially if you have an infestation (i have got 2 flea trap killer) and infestation is really hard to get away i would buy this flea trap it catches the fleas easy with the sticky pads and the heat from the bulb works it acts as the heat from your pet. I would rate this a 5+.

Maria Parkin

brought this and the its didn't even work when I emailed them i never herd anything back :(

Helen Smart

Great product - worked well straight away. After reading in earlier reviews about bulbs blowing I was wary, but my husband said often bulbs blow when being moved whilst still hot (delicate filaments)so when I moved to a new area turned off then left alone a while before moving- no problem (so far!).

Kim Whitehead

This is an effective solution for us. I keep my dog up to date with Advocate and use Billy No Mates in the warmer months, so although to my knowledge we've never had a full blown infestation, my dog is active and I work with dogs on a daily basis so the odd few fleas are inevitable. I have 2 of these devises that I keep around the house for peace of mind and use after I've gotten a bite or 2! They work well and are also good to keep in my grooming room. A few reviewers commented on issues of bulbs blowing when turning on and off; I ordered spare bulbs just in case, but am yet to have this problem.

Anna Kennard

Very good product: it really traps fleas, although I do not think it can get rid of a infestation on its own, and the best approach is to regularly treat your pets against fleas as well. The light bulb goes quite quickly, and the only replacement ones that fit are the Gotcha ones, more expensive than normal bulbs. Still, I am very glad I bought this product.

J. Healey

As I tend to get bitten in the warmer months by fleas, I thought I'd invest in one of these Electric Flea Killer traps. I also apply monthly flea treatment to my cats and treat the house in order to keep the flea population at bay. However, I wasn't overly impressed with this product. Having followed all the product instructions, I didn't notice any fleas caught in the trap, even though I still found bites on me. Of course, these bites could have been picked up elsewhere, but with several cats in the house, I thought I'd at least find a couple on the sticky trap. It did catch several flies, but no fleas. I personally found this product gimmicky and not very useful, but in the fight against fleas, I'd say anything is worth a shot if you have a problem in the house.

Jane Sharp

Wish I'd found this sooner..... worked immediately!! However, having read about problems with bulbs blowing when switched off I darent move it to another room !!!

Helen Kershaw

Had trouble constructing the trap, as there was no way that I could 'gently' insert the lamp into the canopy as per the instructions (after struggling for ages I gave in and made a few cuts to the plastic hood so I could slide the lamp into the hole) During the process, one of the struts broke off...and this was before I'd even had a chance to evaluate how effective the device was at catching fleas! Maybe if the basic trap construction was better I'd be able to post a more positive review. It's a shame, as a chemical-free method of killing fleas in the house is a very attractive idea. Very disappointed!

Lynn Wood

Excellent product. When you change the sticky pad do it with the unit still on the bulb will blow if turned off & on. My bulbs now last 90 days +. Only turn unit off when changing the bulb.

Allan Jordan

Excellent started catching fleas almost straight away. But as other reviewer said bulb blew quite quickly, and it now appears that replacement bulbs are no longer available from VetUK