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Thornit Canker Powder for Dogs, Cat and Rabbits

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Manufacturer: Thornit

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Thornit Canker Powder can be used for the treatment of ear mites in dogs, cats and rabbits.

Canker is caused by a mite picked up in grass, often dropped by foxes.

Symptoms include scratching, head shaking, rubbing of ears and general distress. Red sores, inflammation and blood clots can be caused by constant scratching and standard treatment of drops and antibiotics gives only temporary relief.

It has been discovered that these irritating ear mites are extremely mobile and can be found to irritate all over the body.

Directions: Dust Thornit lightly onto the skin. If the animal has long hair, part the hair with a comb feeding a trickle of thornit on the exposed skin.

For all treatments only a very small amount of Thorn it is needed per dose. Care should be taken as lodoform could stain a pale carpet or furnishings.

Contents: Zinc Oxide, Talc, Ioloform, Boric.

Available in 20g and 100g pots.

Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

June Hostan Van Riel

I have tried the Thornit Canker and it is amazing. Ok, they dont like it, but it works!!! And it can be used for all animals. Well worth it!!!

Trevor Buckley

My dog has had persistent ear problems, relieved with various different products, but never with such instant success. She was quite distressed and within 24 hours she was fine. I've since seen this product discussed on doggy forums and described as magic powder. Magic indeed. Highly recommended.

Diane Manning

I have used this product for around three years now, having had a long standing problem with my rhodesian ridgeback suffering first itchy ears, then he began to chew his feet. I went through many products to treat it, he even had steroids from the vets which gave temporary relief. I had Thornit suggested to me and this is by far the most amazing product I have used, no more smelly ears, and the hair actually grew back on his feet after he stopped trying to eat them. You don't need to use much either, just as well with the size of Jasper!