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CleanAural Sensitive Dog Ear Cleaner

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Manufacturer: Dechra



CleanAural Sensitive Dog Ear Cleaner is a specially formulated solution for the routine cleaning and removal of ear wax and debris from dogs with sensitive ears.

A mild and pH balanced ear cleaner, containing a specially formulated solution of organic solvents and moisturisers.

Cleans both healthy and infected ears and maintains good condition.

Suitable for any breed of dog with sensitive ears as a one off cleaner or use more frequently for pets with wax build-up problems with no side effects.

Non staining or discolouring to the hair around the ears.

Removes ear odours from your pet.

Ingredients: aqua, polysorbate 80, polysorbate 20, glycerin, chamomilla recutita, sodium citrate, laureth-9, phenethyl alcohol, yucca vera, sodium benzoate.


Reviews Overall rating: (5 of 5)

Lynne Harris

This cleans my dogs ears really well, touch wood he has not had an ear infection since following a regular ear cleaning regime. He has skin sensitivity so thought I would try this instead of the standard cleanaural cleaner. Also just a personal preference but I prefer the smell of this product.