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Nina Ottosson Brick Dog Interactive Toy Game

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Manufacturer: Nina Ottosson


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Nina Ottosson Brick Dog Interactive Toy Game is a fun interactive game, that is great for you and your dog to enjoy together.

The 'Dog Brick' requires a dog to first dislodge the removable bones, then to push the sliding covers and access hidden treats.

The level of difficulty for the Brick can be varied, depending upon the dog's experience and his enthusiasm for the game.

Nina Ottosson Brick Dog Game is tough and hard wearing, dishwasher safe and come complete with anti-slip feet, great for cats as well.


Reviews Overall rating: (4.6 of 5)

Joanne Bartlam

Awesome Milly my cocker spaniel loves this game only trouble is she sussed it out so quickly I'm now wondering what toy to get to really tax her brain! She does still love finding her treats with this though so hopefully she won't get bored of it too quick.

Jackie Gilson

Our dog really loves this toy. It didn't take him long to work out that there was food involved, which means that he'll go at it until he finds the food. He always enjoys this game. He gets excited when he sees us setting it up. Standing up well to sharp teeth, and also easy to clean.

Sue Barrett

This is brilliant! I used it wrongly at first as I let both dogs use their paws to scrabble at the bricks. I've since retrained them (a good brain exercise in itself!) and they now know, with a bit of help at times, that they only use their noses to slide the bricks or move the bones. The game comes with excellent instructions/suggestions and also with a cd as well as an online video link. Can't recommend this highly enough. The game is easy to clean and certainly durable. It comes out for brain exercising and as as treat. The Vet UK price is so much cheaper than on other sites too.

Angela Aston

My dogs will NEVER tire of this game. It's easy enough for any dog to be able to do & never fails to get my dogs engaged. You can use the bones to vary the difficulty (although it's one of the easier games in the range) & I find it's great for exercising my dogs mentally. They often go to sleep after playing it a few times!

Diana Ennett

This toy is amazing! the booklet it comes with recommends you keep your dog on the lead when you introduce him to the toy. I just filled the end compartments with halved gravy bones and placed the toy on the floor. My greyhound was straight in there, getting the treats out, without me even showing him! My lurcher took a few more seconds to slide the first one but they were both uncovering the treats, really enjoying themselves! I added the bone compartments and they very much enjoyed getting them off - pointy took them to his bed before returning to get his reward. I didn't really want to feed them too many treats so i tried putting their usual dry food in and we had a few more runs! they prefer to eat the food using the toy to eating it out of the bowl! We're going to play every day!