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Vivitreats Canine Tablet Pockets

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Manufacturer: MSD Animal Health


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Vivitreats are a new treat for dogs on any medication.

Designed to help alleviate problems that dog owners often have administering tablets long-term, which can lead to vital tablets being missed or treatment being abandoned, Vivitreat is a soft and tasty treat that owners can use to administer any medication. The medication is disguised within the treat by inserting the tablet into its centre and moulding the Vivitreat around it until completely enclosed.

30 treats per packet.

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Martin Johnson

These really are excellent. I was looking for something much cheaper than a similar product I had found on Amazon, which was also good but too expensive for me. My Skye terrier loves these treats and it is so much more of a pleasant experience now to get the four types of medication down him - twice a day! It is so good to see an empty bowl without any mangled capsules with their contents spilling out everywhere. Stress-free medication giving!

Tim Marsh

My dog is a nightmare when it comes to taking tablets. This product enables me to insert the tablet into one of these treats and my dogs wolfs them down. He now gets really excited when it is his tablet time.

Tracy Evans

Fantastic treat, easy to mould around tablets, my dog is happy to take her daily medication with these.

Michelle Hendrix

I used to have to crush my dog's arthritis medicine and mix it in with a tin of wet food to get her to take it. This is so much easier, and she loves them - probably because they stink to high heaven! I highly recommend this product.

Vicki Goodwin

These treats have proved fantastic, especially for giving capsules, which are not easy to get a small dog to swallow and which used to involve quite a struggle, usually ending up with the capsules split and most of the content on the kitchen floor tiles. The vivitreats are very easy to mould around the tablet/capsule and my dog absolutely loves them. She now waits eagerly by the kitchen cupboard every morning until she has had them.

Irena Padol

My dig has to take tablets twice a day and nothing seemed to work. The vivitreat is very easy to use as it masks the tablet. This makes it easy for me to pop it into her mouth and she will swallow. No more spitting it out! Great product!!