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VetUK 1ml U40 Insulin Syringe with Needle (Box of 100)

VetUK 1ml U40 Insulin Syringe with Needle (Box of 100) big image
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Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK 1ml U40 Insulin Syringes come complete with a 28G x 1/2" (0.36 x 12mm) bevel needle tip.

Made from durable clear plastic with a latex free piston, the syringes have clear graduation marks for the complete quantity and accurate dosage administration.

The non-toxic, non-pyrogenic syringes should only be used with U40 insulin and should be destroyed after a single use.

The 1ml syringes allow 40 units max and have clear graduations for each 1 unit of 0.025ml.

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Yvette Thomas
May 2020

So much cheaper than my vets and better quality. Very good value for money.

Stephanie Lee-holloway
July 2017

I work in practice and these are brilliant. Absolutely the same quality as caninsulin, just a fraction bigger needle. (Caninsulin 29g) my dog doesn't seem to be bothered. You've saved me a lot of money! Thank you.

Sue Tandy
January 2017

Easy to use & read. Reliable readings for a fraction of the price of Caninsulin syringes.

Alan Bartlam
November 2016

These are superb syringes, and far less expensive than many others - in fact we were dubious of the likely quality since they were so much cheaper. They are a superior design, with fewer "bent needles" during use, and impressively they are hygienically individually wrapped and sealed. One shot syringes cut down on infection, and the price makes caring for our dog much less expensive - excellent product - wonderful price - many thanks.

Debbie Lee-wright
November 2016

I usually buy the 0.5 needles but they are out of stock so I've had to buy the 1ml ones. The needles are not as fine and I'm finding them quite blunt and have to try a few times to inject him which isn't nice for my dog. Will be glad when the 0.5 ones come back into stock!

Allison Burtonwood
September 2016

Really good qaulity. Just like the expensive brand but a lot cheaper. Only bad point is sometimes when you open the pack the needle cap falls off. Extra careful.