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Vetzyme Antibacterial Powder 40g

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Manufacturer: Bob Martin


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Vetzyme Veterinary Antibacterial Powder is a gentle, soothing, and antibacterial powder that will keep the skin and coat clean, dry, and free from harmful bacteria without causing dicomfort to your pet.
It will also help to protect the skin and ensure that minor skin conditions do not develop into serious problems.
Suitable for dogs, cats, and small pets. 

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Sandra Horobin

I always keep this in pets first aid box. It is great for minor injuries to help prevent infection.

Tracey Scott

I have used this product for years as my Bichon Frise dogs sometimes break out with "hot spots" and have skin allergies on their feet. It always soothes and stops the itching for a while and stops any possible infection. I have tried other products to help with their skin but always have a few tubs of this powder on hand. Vet UK had the best price for this product and delivered quite quickly.

Jocelyn Peacock

I purchased this along with another antibacterial powder as this one came in a larger size and I wasn't sure what the difference was. Upon receipt I was still none the wiser as the ingredients are not listed on the packaging and VetUK advised me to contact the manufacturer (Bob Martin). Their response was speedy and just for other customers' benefit (and perhaps VetUK could add this to the item description) here are the ingredients: CABOSIL M5 (Amorphous Silica), PCMX (Antiseptic Ingredient), TERPINEOL BP (Fragrance), ABSORRBO HP (Starch), TRICLOSAN (Antimicrobial agent) This product is just as good as the other one I purchased from VetUK, and comes in a larger pack. Both pluses, but the product comes in a tub which makes dispensing it harder (it needs some talcum-power-like lid or a spout or similar, in my opinion). It works, it's a decent price, and their customer service answered my query fully so 4 stars (minus one for the packaging and lack of ingredients listed. Whilst it's not a legal requirement I have a super allergic dog so need to know!)