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Dermisol Cream 30g and 100g Tubes - From £7.99

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Dermisol Cream 30g and 100g Tubes

Dermisol Cream 30g and 100g Tubes big image

Manufacturer: Zoetis

From: £7.99
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Dermisol Cream is a white cream containing Propylene Glycol PhEur 1.750% v/w, Malic acid 0.375% w/w, Benzoic Acid PhEur 0.025% w/w, Salicylic Acid PhEur 0.006% w/w.

Dermisol Cream encourages wound healing in horses, cattle, dogs and cats particularly when this process is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue, coagulum, debris or wax after an injury, surgery, infection or in otitis externa, by removing dead and necrotic tissue from affected areas.

Use Dermisol Cream topicaly twice daily although more frequent applications may be made if necessary. Apply the cream liberally onto wounds and before each new application it is advisable to wash the area with Dermisol Multicleanse Solution so that loose slough and cream from the previous application are removed without raising the pH.

In cases of otitis externa, ears should be cleaned with Dermisol Multicleanse Solution prior to the introduction of Dermisol Cream into the external auditory canal.

Avoid contact with the eyes, wash hands after use, do not use in conjunction with other products as these will almost certainly neutralise and reduce the effectiveness of Dermisol Cream.

It is important that you read the product datasheet before administering this product and that you use the product only as detailed within.

Legal Category:
POM-VPS | Dermisol Cream

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Debbie Barwis
September 2018

Many years back a vet gave me this for a rabbit who had sore skin after a fight with a way bigger rabbit and it healed it amazingly and her fur grew back fast too. Some years ago we got two cats and since 2013 the boy is constantly skinning his shoulder on the housing association kitchen cupboards brackets and getting stapled and stitched!!! the vet gave me dermisol for his shoulder and where he barbers himself from stress. Back in 2011 my two french lop rabbits had atussle and one had a tail injury that could mean cutting it off. Again dermisol and it literally ate away at the blood and muck after bathing...he kept his tail!!! I am ordering more for our naughty cat and his related stress barbering...it heals the skin so much faster than just bathing with hibiscrub does. And cant clog his tummy like sudocrem does. Amazing stuff.

Dawn Springett
December 2016

An excellent product for healing wounds on cats and dogs.

Michelle Mccrea
May 2016

One of my horses is always coming in from the field with nicks and cuts. Some of them look rather sore and weepy. Dermisol is by far the best cream for healing. The day after applying Dermisol, the cuts are no where near as bad. It works especially well when used in conjunction with the Dermisol solution. I would never be without this cream - a must have!