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Ferplast Circus Fun Hamster Cage

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Manufacturer: Ferplast



Circus Fun Hamster Cage is a habitat featuring an original patented design, reminiscent of a circus tent, for small, lively rodents such as Russian or European Hamsters.

Made using durable materials in bright and exciting colours, the cage has several levels that are connected by ladders, and a large living space with designated areas for eating and drinking, playing or resting.

The cage has an easily removable roof for cleaning, and comes complete with a set of accessories including a Wheel, a Nest, a Feeder and a Drinking Bottle. It also comes with a sheet of colourful and fun stickers that can be used to customise the cage to your liking.

Furthermore, the Circus Fun Hamster Cage is a modular hamster cage and has been designed so that connection tubes to other cages or living units for rodents can be attached to it.

49.5 x 34 x 42.5cm


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