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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Harry Hamster Tasty Mix 700g

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Manufacturer: Supreme Pet Foods



Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Harry Hamster Tasty Mix has been carefully formulated to provide your hamster with a nutritionally complete daily diet.

Each ingredient has been purposely selected for its high levels of palatability. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Harry Hamster is a visually appealing tasty mix; the varied shapes, sizes and textures will provide interest and also enable natural foraging behaviour, ensuring your pet will remain happy and healthy.

This unique recipe contains a blend of natural ingredients, which will provide any hamster with 100% of its nutritional needs and mealtime enjoyment.
  • A nutritionally complete and balanced diet
  • Enhances digestive health
  • Natural fibrous ingredients to aid dental wear
  • High palatable
  • No added sugar

Bag Size: 700g

Reviews Overall rating: (4.7 of 5)

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Louise Currie

Fantastic food. Best out there (5 stars). My hamster loves this.

Sarah Hunter

Harry Hamster contains everything a hamster needs in their dry food diet, good quality and all round value for money too. Our hamsters really enjoy it .

Jessica Philpott

I have Russian dwarf hamsters and they do very well on this. Unlike many hamster foods Harry Hamster isn't high in sugar so is particularly suited to dwarf species who can be prone to diabetes.