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Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g

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Manufacturer: Rosewood


Maximum of 2 per order

Due to high demand, we have placed quantity restriction on certain products.


Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies are healthy yet delicious treats for rabbits and rodents.

These aromatic, crunchy treats are completely natural and will also help to wear down your animal's growing teeth. Only high quality ingredients are used to make these irresistible treats which means that you can be sure they will taste great and be thoroughly enjoyed by your pet.

Feed a few each day, but as with all treats, offer sparingly to chinchillas

Corn, Fenugreek Seed

Please Note: Treats should be given sparingly and fed alongside a complete and nutritionally balanced diet.


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Linda Lawson

Brilliant products our rescue bunnies love them !!!

Fay Forrest

My 2 bunnies get exited with the Fenugreek treats . They absolutely love them and jump around like baby lambs to me to get some . I always buy Fenugreek as they are a healthy treat .

Verity Moore

I always keep a pack of these in the house for my bunnies. They go crazy for them! You can break them up and use them for training. Mine will do tricks to get one of these fenugreek crunchies. A great treat to give alongside a good high fibre diet of hay and grass plus a small amount of pellets and greens. If your bunny doesn't like the smell of them at first keep trying as they will most likely love them when used to them.

Kelly Abrahall

Very popular treat with my bunnies so will continue to purchase & recommend

Julie Morgan

My bunnies climb over each other to be first to get their treat! They just can't get them quick enough.

Lea Roberts

Really really popular with the bunnies, one of their favourite treats. A good price too.