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Vetcare Plus Weight Management Formula 1Kg

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Manufacturer: Supreme Pet Foods



Vetcare Plus Weight Management Formula is a daily Monoforage diet for rabbits which helps support the wellbeing through targeted nutrition.

This special weight formula provides exceptionally high levels of fibre -34%, with longer fibre particles that are ideally suited to a rabbit's physiological needs.

The low energy levels, combined with the exclusion of starch based ingredients allow the potential for ad-lib feeding with less concern of weight gain.

Vetcare Plus Weight Management Formula may be fed freely, however daily intake should be monitored to ensure consistent and regular feeding.

No artificial colours, flavours or sugars have been added to this formula.


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This is different to the pellets that I was expecting. It's in long sticks, about the width of a finger, and slightly more crumbly than compressed pellets. I think my bunny likes the size, because she can pick them up out of the forage box and carry them to her favourite eating spot in the doorway. It smells quite strongly of fenugreek, which I wasn't expecting either. I think it might be a little strong, to be honest. At least for my bun. Other buns may enjoy fenugreek more. She's not as excited about it as her normal pellets, but she ate the half portion I put in her foraging box over night... which is more than I can say for the hay I provide her, so it's a good way to get fibre into a picky bun.