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Pee Post Toilet Training Post for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Simple Solution



Pee Post Toilet Training Post is a pheromone impregnated plastic post to which dogs are attracted.

Once trained you can choose where your dog performs in your garden.

Simply hammer the Pee Post 4-5" into the ground and then introduce your dog to the post, preferably at a normal toilet time. The pheromones will encourage the dog to perform at the Pee Post.

The Pee Post will work quickest with male dogs who have not yet established a marking pattern but with older dogs and bitches a bit more encouragement may be necessary.

Combine with Train-um to promote effectiveness.

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Carole O'neill

As the two previous recipients state, I too purchased the Pee Post to no avail. My dog also totally ignored it, even when I placed it where he wanted to pee. An utter waste of money. I have not recommended it to any of my friends.

Lesley Douglas

Have recently purchased this item and our dog also took absolutely no notice whatever. He usually is very curious about new things but he showed no interest at all. Vet UK: Please ensure when buying this product you also purchase the training pheromone from M&C and spend the recommended time training your dog with the post.

Helga Parker

I am sorry to say but my Labrador Puppy who is now an Adult Dog never used the post. We did everything we were told to do, but to no avail, he pee`d freely and happily everywhere else and completely ignored the pretty post. I think I'll use it to prop up plants in future.