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Skinners Puppy Milk Tubs - From £18.90
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Skinners Puppy Milk Tubs

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Manufacturer: Skinners

From: £18.90
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Skinners Puppy Milk Tubs help to ensure the health and vitality of growing puppies and bitches before and after whelping.

Skinners puppy Milk is made from wholesome cow's milk, with some of the hard-to-digest fat removed and then supplemented with all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for healthy growth.

Lactose, or milk sugar, provides energy for growth, whilst a balance of protein is essential for bone and muscle development.

Added Calcium and phosphorus help form healthy bones and teeth, whilst a range of trace elements ensure the correct functioning of the immune system.

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Jane Saunders
April 2010

I have used Skinner Puppy milk for each of my litters and always found it provides and excellent start in life, along with mother's milk. The powder mixes easily and it readily accepted by pups from a very young age and also by the dam. Pups take to lapping it like ducks to water :-) I shall soon be needing some more!