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Vectra Felis Spot On for Cats (3 Pack)

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Manufacturer: Ceva

Prescription Only


Vectra Felis Spot On is indicated for the treatment and prevention of parasites in cats older than 8 weeks and weighing over 0.6kg.

The active substances in Vectra Felis act as ectoparasiticides; killing any parasite that live on the skin or in the fur of your animal, such as fleas and ticks. They will affect their nervous system and act as an insect growth regulator which causes the production of infertile eggs and blocks the development of juvenile flea stages.

Each 0.9ml pipette contains 423mg Dinotefuran and 42.3mg Pyriproxyfen

Legal Category:
POM-V | Vectra Felis Spot On for Cats


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