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Propalin Syrup 40mg/ml for Dogs - From £11.99
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Propalin Syrup 40mg/ml for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol

Prescription Only
From: £11.99
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Propalin Syrup 40mg/ml is suitable for the treatment of dogs that suffer from urinary incontinence, usually associated with urethral sphincter incompetence in the bitch.

Propalin is a clear colourless solution containing 40mg/ml phenylpropanolamine as phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride.

Each ml Contains:
Phenylpropanolamine (as Phenylpropanolamine Hydrochloride) 40mg

Legal Category:
POM-V | Propalin Syrup

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Agnieszka Ramian
July 2023

My dog has been on it since 2014. It sorts out the problem of urinary incontinence indefinitely. Never noticed any long term adverse effects in relation to this medication. Highly recommended.

Barbara Dumbleton
May 2017

Propelling definitely works, however I have found that the side effects i.e the restlessness can be quite distressing to watch so I have reduced the recommended dosage to the very minimum. It is still effective and the restlessness is much reduced making for a much happier dog and owner.

Georgina Rigby
November 2016

Excellent,prompt service. I have been using Propalin for my Bitch for 9 years and dog for a few months. Very pleased.

Elisabeth Roche
July 2015

I have to agree with all the other reviews! We used to find wet patches all over the house (wherever Amber would have been) and at first we thought she was protesting about something or marking. She was only 7 years old at the time we first noticed it. Fortunately, we found out that this condition is quite normal for female dogs, especially if they've been spayed, and this product solved the problem within a couple of days! As she needs to be on it for the rest of her life it is a relief to find a seller who offers this product at a fraction of the price it costs at the vets (although one still has to pay for the prescription from the vet which they charge quite a hefty fee for ... but it is still cheaper overall).

Sandra Smith
October 2013

I have been buying this medicine for my dog for a few years now so thought it was about time I wrote a review. This medicine can cost triple this value from the vets and as my dog is on this medication for the rest of her life that would have set me back a fortune over the years. This medicine works wonders and as a previous review says my dog is also happier as she gets a little embarrassed as she knows she shouldn’t pee in the house, but we know she can’t help it and this medicine has put an end to our frustration and her embarrassment. It is so easy to order (once prescription received) and the 100ml bottle normally lasts us around 5-6 months so we don’t dread it when the dog needs some more. Love this website get all my dog supplies from here for more than half the price as the vets charges, don’t know what I would do without. Thanks VetUK.

Jane Clarke
April 2012

This product, which I did not believe would work, has changed my poor old dog's life. She no longer looks miserable all the time because she knows she's done something she shouldn't but can't help. Thank you a hundred times. (Do they make this for people too?)