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Moxiclear Spot-On Solution for Large Cats (4 Pipettes)

Moxiclear Spot-On Solution for Large Cats (4 Pipettes) big image

Manufacturer: Norbrook

Prescription Only


Moxiclear Spot-On Solution is a broad spectrum endectocide developed for the treatment and prevention of mixed parasitic infections in cats weighing between 4kg and 8kg.

Presented in easy-to-use clear pipettes, Moxiclear will act systemically to treat ear mites, notoedric mange, gastrointestinal nematodes, and to prevention heartworm. It will also act topically to kill fleas and biting lice within an hour.

Each 0.8ml Pipette Contains:
Imidacloprid 80mg, Moxidectin 8mg

Legal Category:
POM-V | Moxiclear Spot-On Solution

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