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Loxicom 1.5mg/ml Oral Suspension for Dogs

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Manufacturer: Norbrook

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Loxicom 1.5mg/ml Oral Suspension is indicated for the alleviation of inflammation and pain in both acute and chronic musculo-skeletal disorders in dogs.

Loxicom is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) most commonly associated with osteoarthritis, but can also be used for injuries and painful tumours.

Each ml Contains:
Active Substance: Meloxicam 1.5mg
Excipients: Sodium Benzoate 1.5mg

Legal Category:
POM-V | Loxicom for Dogs

Reviews (9)

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Joan Gollins
May 2020

Good for our labrador with joint and prostate problems

Mike Atkinson
March 2019

My GSD is 11 and has been taking Loxicom for year. It has greatly improved her movement and she will still chase rabbits, sometimes

Linda Fulwell
November 2018

I don't think my dog would be still with me, If it wasn't for this. She has been taking them for over two years, and has blood tests to check all is well. Good value from Vet UK - have saved serious money over what I would pay at my vets. Quick delivery, too.

Frances Lee
December 2017

Benson our 8 year old Labrador has been taking Loxicom for 6 months for arthritis. It is easy to administer and keeps him pain free and mobile. I would recommend this product and advise purchase from Vet UK as its so much cheaper than getting it from your vet.

Patricia Hadley
July 2017

As I'm a new customer,And it's my first order I can't say to much,but I did expect it to be delivered in a couple of days,I had problems ordering the item due to the prescription or I might of got it soone,so iv ordered another bottle to be signed for in the hope I will get it quicker.

John Harrison
July 2017

I've got a 6 year old German shepherd with arthritis and it puts a spring into her she runs about with her 3 year old sister.