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Vet's Best Dental Gel Toothpaste For Dogs 100g - From £7.00

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Vet's Best Dental Gel Toothpaste For Dogs 100g

Vet's Best Dental Gel Toothpaste For Dogs 100g big image

Manufacturer: Manna Pro UK Ltd



Vet’s Best Dental Gel Toothpaste For Dogs has been made using a blend of natural ingredients that work together to gently clean away plaque and tartar, and effectively freshen breath.

Made with a taste your dog will love, the toothpaste can be applied with any toothbrush or a finger, and comes with a soft rubber finger brush that is easy to use, and gentle on your dog’s mouth and gums.

Key Benefits:

  • Supports your pet’s dental hygiene
  • Cleans away plaque and tartar
  • Brightens and whitens teeth
  • Freshens breath

Directions for Use:
Apply the dental gel with a brush, or rub with your finger on your pet's teeth 2-3 times per week. For best results, allow no food or water 1/2 hour before and after application. 

Water, Glycerine, Sodium Bicarbonate, E433 Polyoxymethylene (20)-sorbitan monooleate 10g, E415 Xanthan Gum 20g, Preservatives

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