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Veggie Dent CET Chews For Dogs

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Manufacturer: Virbac

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Veggie Dent CET Chews formally known as C.E.T. Chews, are all natural, all vegetable and highly palatable.

The Z shape facilitates prehension and enhances the mechanical cleaning action of the dogs teeth and gums.

Regular chewing of Veggie Dent chews per day can help keep teeth clean and promote gum health.

Size Guide:
Very Small - Very Small chews for dogs < 5 Kg
Small - Small chews for dogs < 10 Kg
Medium - Medium chews for dogs 10 - 30 Kg
Large - Large chews for dogs > 30 Kg

Corn Starch, Glycerin, Soya Proteins, Rice Flour, Palatable Agent (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Sorbitol, Corn Derivatives, Water, Potassium Sorbate, Chlorhexidine Di-Gluconate.

Each packet contains 15 chews.

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David Wilson

Have ordered this product a few times and always ordered very small as my dogs are miniature Yorkies however my last order was sent as small which are to hard for my pets. Not worth sending back so will give it away and will have to reorder again as very small

Carolyn Hage

I have 2 Cockapoos. One is 15 and the other is 3 years old. My old dog hates having his teeth cleaned, and he also has a very sensitive stomach. These don't upset him at all and are doing a good job of supplementing my trying to clean his teeth! My young dog also loves these, she does let me clean her teeth!

Jan Martin

My cockapoo had to change to these as no whimzees sticks available. Seems very happy so will continue to use

Sue Barrett

These are excellent value and last longer than other makes. They don't have the star shaped cross section but still seem to do a good job of cleaning the plaque of dogs' teeth. Both of my Border Terriers love the flavour. I wasn't sure they would like them at first as they didn't have the pungent smell of some dental chews! I'm all for CET products as they haven't let me down and more importantly my dogs like them.

Emma Coyne

These denti chews are great. I have a Greyhound who suffers from terrible teeth - I recently had to pay £170 to get her teeth cleaned. These denti chews have maintained the cleanliness of her teeth which means that I wont have to pay to get them cleaned for another few years. My dog, Flo, also really likes the denti chews and they last her a lot longer than normal denti chews as they are harder. A great buy - would definitely recommend these denti chews!