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VetUK 0.5ml U40 Insulin Syringe with Needle (Box of 100)

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Manufacturer: VetUK



VetUK 0.5ml U40 Insulin Syringes come complete with a 29G x 1/2" (0.33 x 12mm) bevel needle tip.

With clear graduation marks for the complete quantity and accurate dosage administration, the syringes have been made out of a durable clear plastic with a latex free piston.

The non-toxic, non-pyrogenic syringes should only be used with U40 insulin and should be destroyed after a single use.

The 0.5ml syringes allow 20 units max and have clear graduations of 0.025ml.

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Jackie Hill

Wish they had a 1 unit mark, but apart from that they are perfect for my cat. The cost of having a cat with diabetes is scary thank goodness for Vetuk.

Rachel Millington

I started with Prozinc syringes from my vet for my cat when diagnosed with diabetes. Now that I'm a bit more used to the whole injection business, I thought I would try these syringes instead of Prozinc as the saving is fantastic! The difference is, the Prozinc syringes I was using had markings for 1, 2, 3 doses and clear half markings, which I need as my cat is on 1.5 units twice per day. These VetUK syringes don't have the 1, 2, 3 markings. They just have 5, 10, 15. The 1/4 dose markings are there as a fine line. Yes, it's harder to see but I find I can pull up to the larger 2.5 unit line (which is larger) and then push 2 lines back in to the bottle and that gets me to the 1.5 unit marking. After a few months of injections, I kind of know where to pull the syringe to instinctively now. So I was worried that these syringes would make things harder but it's not a problem. These are a great alternative to the hugely expensive needles and I'm grateful to VetUK for the savings! If you're looking for an alternative to Prozinc needles, give these a try, you'll be fine and the savings are worth it!

Deanna Lyons

I thought I would try these as they are almost 60% cheaper than other u40 syringes as I have a diabetic cat who has to have insulin injections twice daily. I did and still do find the 0.5 markers slightly more difficult to see and judge than others I have purchased, but they are good value for money, occasionally it appears difficult to use a syringe twice, but considering the price if I only get one usage out of a syringe its no big deal.

Leanne Edwards

Great quality product, has saved me loads. 100 syringes for under £13, when my vet charges £15 for 30! Would definitely recommend.

John Mcdade

Excellent product and great value too. Found these after a desparate search for Caninsulin syringes all over the UK and beyond last year ,they take a little bit working out at first if you've been using the Caninsulin system but it's fairly simple and well worth the effort .

Mr Robbert Davis

We purchased these as I normal brand of syringe were out of stock throughout the UK. These proved to be an absolute god sent and far cheaper. So pleased with our purchase we will purchase again.