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Easidri Easy Dry Grooming Towel - From £13.33
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Easidri Easy Dry Grooming Towel

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Manufacturer: Challenger

From: £19.14
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Easidri Easy dry Grooming Towel is a fast acting, highly absorbent grooming towel that dries wet animals very easily and really quickly - so quickly, that tests have shown reductions over normal grooming times by up to 60%.

This is perfect for wet animals after washing or shampooing: Easidri is super absorbent, starts to act immediately and actually retains water like a natural sea sponge.

Easidri can be used time and time again, can be disinfected for extra protection, is machine washable - and when you've finished with it you don't even need to dry it!

Size Guide:
Small: 43cm x 32cm
Medium: 68cm x 43cm
Large: 85cm x 66cm

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Barefoot Hippy
January 2021

Ordinarily I wouldn't dream of spending this much money on a towel! However, with a poodle breed that loves mud and water, and given the strength of the reviews I thought i'd give it a whirl. Honestly I cannot recommend it enough. You have to keep the towel damp, which feels weird, but once I've used it I run kitchen towel over him and he is completely dry. You wring the towel out and pop it back in the box. Medium size is about right for a poodle size dog.

Valerie Balshaw
August 2014

Easidry is so good, I have ordered another to keep in the car.

Richard Lower
March 2014

I was very skeptical about this but my fears were unfounded. It is amazing how easy it is to use and how much water it absorbs. Couldn't quite believe how much water was wrung out the first time I tried it. I ordered the small size which is fine for my Lhasa Apso. It is so convenient in the plastic container so is easy to take with you if you need. I have not used an ordinary towel since buying this. Highly recommended.

Debbie Martin
July 2013

Wish I'd known about these sooner as I'd have saved pounds on washing grotty dog towels! They dry well, quick rinse and put them back in their container - job done!

Ruth Norton
October 2012

Can't fault this product - it's amazing. I have a little shih-tzu X bichon and always comes home wet and muddy. This towel helps to dry/clean her far better and quicker than the microfibre towel I've been using to date.

Caroline Carr
March 2010

These towels are excellent, the best dog purchase you can make. No more smelly wet dog towels in the kitchen taking a day to dry...just wring, rinse in clean water ring again and role up and put in the container ready for the next use. My goldies dried in half the time it usually takes!