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Equistro Azodine Equine 2Kg

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Manufacturer: Vetoquinol



Equistro Azodine is used for the management of exertional rhadbomyolysis ("tying up") in horses.

Exertional rhadbomyolysis is a fairly common condition in horses, which may occur in all classes of horses and at any age, but particularly in horses that are high performance disciplines.

An electrolyte imbalance may be a trigger factor for some cases, particularly those which are prone to recurrent bouts of azoturia.

Azodine as an aid in the management of azoturia and has been scientifically formulated to ensure the correct balance of calcium and sodium in the majority of situations.

Each 50g contains Sodium Chloride 20g, Calcium lactate 10g & Calcium carbonate 20g.

Dose 50g per day in feed for up to 30 days or as directed by your vet.


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