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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix big image

Manufacturer: Supreme Pet Foods

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Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Gerty Guinea Pig Tasty Mix is a nutritionally complete food, suitable for guinea pigs of all ages.

The food has been made with high quality, delicious ingredients such as maize, oats, wheat, beans and Lucerne to make a balanced diet that encourages your guinea pig’s appetite and natural foraging behaviour.

Vitamin C; an essential daily dietary requirement of guinea pigs, has also been included in the food to ensure they gain all the nutrients they require for a healthy and active life.

Alfalfa Meal, Flaked Peas, Flaked Maize, Wheat, Oats, Soybean Meal, Flaked Wheat, Alfalfa Hay, Extruded Locust Beans, Ground Maize, Anise And Fenugreek Oil, Soya Oil, Dried Oranges, Dried Bananas, Calcium Carbonate

Typical Analysis:
Protein 15.0 %, Crude fibres 10.0 %, Fat content 3.0 %, Inorganic matter 5.0 %, Calcium 0.6 %, Phosphorus 0.5

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Konstantin Vishnyak
November 2020

My guinea pigs love their mint nuggets but I was advised to try these ones. Poor result - guineas are making cherry picking and eat only 15-20 % of ingredients leaving most of the cereals untouchable.