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Rosewood Nibble ‘N’ Dig Meadow

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Manufacturer: Rosewood



Rosewood Nibble ‘N’ Dig Meadow is a slice of a real herb meadow that has been carefully dried and placed in a hay coated, edible tray.

Designed so that your pet can forage, nibble and dig just as they would in nature, the Rosewood Nibble ‘N’ Dig Meadow has been enriched with fragrant, edible flowers and tasty dandelions that are rich in fibre and a wide range of Phyto-Nutrients.

Since your pet must dig to expose the nutritious roots, this product will stimulate them and help to prevent boredom.

W:9" (23cm) x L:11.5" (29cm) x D:1.5" (4cm)

Loam with Whole Wild Flowers, Herbs and Grasses (including Dandelion, Ribwort, Daisies, Red Clover, Common Plantain, Chamomile and Chickweed) 79.2%, Meadow Hay 8.5%, Vegetable Starch, Cellulose Fibre, Marigold Blossoms 0.3%, added Dandelion 0.3%, Rose Petals 0.2%

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Martin Burton

A big hit. I sprinkle some dried salad on it and my guinea pigs get it each afternoon when they get floortime. They love it so much they've nibbled it bald and I'm having to buy more.