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Back 2 Nature Small Animal Paper Bedding and Litter - From £6.64
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Back 2 Nature Small Animal Paper Bedding and Litter

Back 2 Nature Small Animal Paper Bedding and Litter big image

Manufacturer: FibreCycle

From: £6.64
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Back-2-Nature Small Animal Bedding and Litter contains uniquely formulated pellets made from 99% recycled paper that are practically dust free, creating less mess and it helps minimize respiratory irritants for you and your pet.

The natural absorption qualities of the recycled pellets helps to keep the area dry and the used pellets don't stick to the cage / aviary or scoop, making cleaning faster and simpler. The Natural odour absorption qualities of the recycled paper product minimizes odour without the use of additives or chemicals.

The used Back To Nature Small Animal Bedding and Litter can be used for surface mulch which can help suppress weed growth, retain water and help protect plants from frost and soil erosion.

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Jessica Watson
July 2021

Great all round product. Great quality and great choice of quantity. :)

Elizabeth Hyde
August 2019

I use this in my rabbits litter tray. I use sawdust at the bottom and line the top with this. Makes it last longer. Alot cheaper than pets at home

Gaby Scheuermann
June 2019

We use this bedding for many years for our rats. It upsorbs the pee, is easy to clean up and doesn't course any allergy problems for our pets or for us humans. It's doesn't has a smell. That's one of two bedding/litter we can use to do having allergies to all the other available bedding.

Camilla Nielsen
November 2018

I really like this product, but I will not say it's odor free. The litter box start to smell even sooner than with sawdust which I'm quite disappointed with. For this wooden pellets are better. Other than that it's very mess-free and doesn't stick to the litter tray, very cost-efficient and bonus to the sustainability-factor.

Gizzy Welsher
May 2018

Perfect solution for a house rabbit! No smell and less mess as it doesn't get everywhere like sawdust does

Fay Forrest
October 2017

I've used the natural litter since I got my 2 bunnies .It's great because it absorbs all the wee fast . The litter tray is easy to clean out too . I add a bit hay on top aswell as they like to sit in the litter box for a while . I would recommend this for any pets litter tray . It's good quality and works well . I wouldn't use anything else and it's recycled which is a bonus for the environment.