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Capstar 57mg Flea Tablets for Large Dogs (Pack of 6) - From £29.50
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Capstar 57mg Flea Tablets for Large Dogs (Pack of 6)

Capstar 57mg Flea Tablets for Large Dogs (Pack of 6) big image

Manufacturer: Elanco Animal Health



Capstar Flea Tablets for Large Dogs are an effective flea treatment for dogs weighing over 11kg.

Safe for pets, but deadly for fleas, Capstar starts working to kill fleas within 15 minutes and will last for a further 24 hours to kill all adult fleas present on your pet.

Used with an approved household flea spray to kill all flea eggs and larvae in your home, Capstar can provide up to 12 months continuous flea control when used regularly.

Each Tablet Contains:
Nitenpyram 57mg

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Heather Gordon
November 2021

My 9 year old GSD had chewed himself to bits, and no amount of shampoo would kill the fleas living on him. He'd never had them before, but his usual spot on had stopped working. These tablets worked immediately, we were both very relieved. He did go off his food while he was on them, but I still treat him with these every so often to back up the new drops.

Aimee Liversidge
April 2014

Does what it says on the tin. After 24 hours, we had a floor covered in dead fleas and a much more comfortable spaniel. Also proved that the Frontline we had used wasn't working, because the next crop of eggs hatched again soon after the Capstar wore off. Will be switching to a different monthly treatment, and will use Capstar as and when. Brilliant stuff though!

Rebecca Dunn
July 2010

Frontline had stopped working and my poor dog was really uncomfortable. My mum suggested Program as she had used it for years but Program doesn't kill the live fleas already on the animal. She also told me about Capstar to kill the adult fleas. when I first treated with Program and Capstar I also treated all the carpets. I now treat monthly with program to stop them breeding and use a Capstar if he picks anything up or when he comes back from his hair cut. Also so much easier than drops and no wet patch so must be safer for the kids too. Brilliant

Jane Jenvey-edmunds
November 2009

Absolutely amazing. We had 1 cat that constantly had fleas, ££££ spent at Vets on Frontline. Flea smoke bombed house & sprayed. So read about these & bought them. It was incredible, after 30 minutes the fleas just fell out of his fur. Over 150 fleas!!! Poor cat. He is so much better now. I give him a tablet a week now just to kill off the hatched eggs. Just have at the most about 6 fleas off him now. The other 3 cats didn't have 1 flea after a tablet (so Frontline must be working on them) But from now on I'm using these. Brilliant

Mike Tennant
November 2008

After trying a myriad of other treatments we have been delighted to try this product. Having struggled to remove the last few fleas using combinations of powders, shampoos, combing and household treatments from the vet we always seemed to find one or two unwanted guests left on our dogs the next day. Within 20 minutes of administering the tablets, after bathing and brushing until the dogs seemed clear, both dogs both had a few moments of scratching at which point the last remaining fleas we had not been able to find dropped off. After two days treatment we have found no more on either animal and both dogs seem far happier. All in all a fast, easy and effective solution. I only wish we tried this when we found the first unwelcome visitor a week and a half ago.