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Acclaim Flea Spray 500ml Can

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Manufacturer: Ceva


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Acclaim flea contains S-methoprene and permethrin to kill fleas and flea larvae plus a full twelve months activity against flea egg development. The adulticide has proven efficacy for six weeks.

Acclaim also kills house dust mites, ants, cockroaches, ticks and spiders.

One can of Acclaim covers 140 sq.m. (1200 sq.ft.) - so do measure up your house so as to cover every area your pet has been to.

Does not break down in sunlight, has no unpleasant odour.

Please note: This product is not to be applied directly to your pet.

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Teniesha Duhaney

Used this product after good ratings but.......sorry to sa, I took advantage of the buy one get one free offer, and there are STILL fleas jumping about. We keep hoovering and spraying, our cat has been treated and so far still clean but this spray has not cleared the home. I will go through our third can maybe it takes like 5 cans to get working

Amanda Hopes

really good product easy to use and definitely does the job quickly. fast delivery.

Janet Mahay

I cannot use flea medication on my cat as it seems to burn his neck so I cannot flea him and him being an out door cat with very thick fur.I needed to look for a good flea household spray to keep the fleas away from house.I was not sure what product to use .My daughter worked for a while for the council and as she had to go to homes where they had fleas, she was advised to get this brand it was good . so I tryed it and it worked wonders it as kepted many creepies away besides fleas and when i had attic flies in my attic I sprayed this and next day there was no flies .this product great a must household spray just ordered 3 more bargin price

Roseanne Rainbow

Love this! So easy to use and works well! Great for prevention/kill fleas. I always found that the fleas always loose the battle :)

Rosie Mcroberts

We had an unexpected flea infestation and have 17 rabbits that were affected and we only needed two applications of this (which i got from the same tin) and two applications of the advantage flea treatment (which only works for a week on rabbits) and the problem was sorted - that was five months ago and we've seen nothing since - great stuff! i would definitely (and have) recommended it!

Rachel Willis

I have been very impressed with this product. It's a large can and it goes a long way as I treated a whole house and the can is still half full. Four months after using it for the first and only time I have had no more problems with fleas, I still get the occasional flea bought in from outside by my cats but the spray acts fast and gets rid of any potential problem. I have tried loads of other sprays and treatments in the past but this one has really worked well and it's still working.