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Advantage Flea Treatments from £13.49
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Advantage Flea Treatments

Advantage Flea Treatments are available in five sizes to suit every cat, dog and rabbit. Advantage Flea Control for Cats (Small) can also be used for small dogs and rabbits, whilst Advantage Flea Control for Cats (Large) should be used for larger cats and rabbits only; larger dogs should be given Advantage Flea Control for Dogs. Treatment should be applied topically every month; each packet contains 4 applications providing 4 months protection.

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Advantage Flea treatments are topical application for the prevention and control of flea infestations in a range of mammals, such as rabbits, cats and dogs.  Flea bites cause problems for pets and their owners for a range of reasons: general discomfort for the animal due to the bites and they can transmit other disease-causing parasites.  Flea bites can lead to skin infections, and even pet owners can suffer discomfort from flea bites.  One treatment of Advantage Flea control can stop the discomfort of flea bites within a few minutes of being applied and  prevents flea infestation by killing both adult fleas and flea larvae and lasts up to four weeks. As the adults are killed before they can lay eggs, the flea life cycle is broken and your pet is freed from the irritation of fleas.

The active agent in Advantage is imidacloprid, this drug is extremely effective and thus does not need to be used in conjunction with other drugs.  To control fleas, all you need is to apply monthly which is a distinct advantage over other flea control drugs that may require additional drugs such as insect growth regulators. Advantage flea treatments are easily applied as it is a topical solution meaning that it is applied directly to the skin of your pet.  It is important that it is applied to the skin and not just the fur in order to work effectively.  A few drops should be applied to the neck of the animal, and this will provide protection throughout the whole body.  Advantage  provides excellent flea control and the once-monthly application is very convenient for pet owners as it is also water resistant and unaffected by exposure to sunlight which means that it will continue to prevent fleas even after you pet has been bathed or has become wet whilst outdoors.